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Project Description

This Custom control will allow you to choose the list and the fields inside the list to display in the people picker dialog. It inherits the default "People Picker" control and inherits all the properties of the control and also include some custom properties like

1. CPPListName - To map the list where the records are to be fetched.

2. CPPDescriptionField - To map the field which is used to store in the place of "Description" of the "Picker Entity" type, which is useful in the server side coding.

3. CPPDisplayField - To map the field which is used for display in the textbox with underlined and this value is stored in the "Display Text" property of the "PickerEntity" type.

4. CPPDialogTitle - This is to set the title of the "Picker Dialog"

5. CPPDialogDesc - This is to set the description of the "Picker Dialog".


1. Automatically the ID of the list item is stored as a key.

2. The data can be retrieve and inserted as like that of the normal people picker

3. Will not impact the load of the server since LINQ was used to query the listitems.

Steps for installation

1. Add the dll to the GAC

2. Copy and paste the dll in the particular web application virtual directory\bin folder.

3. Add the control in the web application web.config as a safe control

4. Recycle the particular web application application pool

5. Reset the iis.

After following the above mentioned steps you can start using the controls like the other asp and SharePoint controls.

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